Breathing in and out

This will be quick today because of the day ahead.

I am reading the book “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. I don’t have it right in front of me so can’t give you the page, but he references Bill Bright and an exercise called Spiritual Breathing. Since breathing is something we do naturally and habitually, we can use it as a tangible reminder that God has placed His Spirit in us.

God breathes life into our physical bodies, and life into our spirit because when we are born again He places His Spirit in us.

The basic principle is to intentionally receive the filling breath of the Holy Spirit when you inhale and to blow out by confessing sin when you exhale.

A simple example would be a temptation to worry. Not that this happens to me on a regular basis, of course, but hypothetically speaking…..

When worry starts creeping in to my mind, I inhale air but also fill my mind with Scripture passages. Oh let’s pick one, like maybe….Do not worry….and then as I exhale, I confess AND repent — GET RID OF – the worry that is creeping in.

I tried this yesterday several times. Ok. I do tend to struggle with the temptation to worry. And the result was that I was reminded of God’s power instead of crafting “what-if” situations that would make prime time drama look tame.

As always, the main thing is making Christ the main thing.

God bless you today as you breathe in His love, grace, mercy, power, forgiveness, peace, strength, holiness….all that He is and breathe out all that you are. Or to put it in Paul’s words – Take off the old man, put on the new. Ephesians 4:22-24

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  1. The battle scene from Narnia comes to mind… Aslan is in the castle where the frozen statues of the goodguys are suspended in time. Aslan walks over to these gray stiff beings and exhales into their faces… from the cold, gray, stiffness emerges a colorful, moving, breathing warrior ready for battle. Amazing breathe of God!!!

    1. Ah…Narnia. Great visual. And yes, He has breathed life into our dead bodies! Praise Him!!!!

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