By the way…..P.S. on the Hymns comment

If you could only hear the thoughts that go on and on after I teach, or post, or converse. Because the words I speak and the words you responded with roll over and over and suddenly I want to correct something or clarify or expand or further explore with you….

Oh just imagine living with me. Ask Russ. Or our kids. It’s a treasure….

So, yesterday I talked about our introduction to praise choruses printed on half sheets of paper. But if I gave the impression that I was dissing the hymns, I erred in my writing.

I love the hymns.



See that red binder?



Yes, that one.

That’s where I am recording the words I don’t want to forget that rise up from years spent in pews and around camp fires and in the car. Singing the old hymns, the new hymns, the praises of God written by men and women who loved Him dearly and honestly.

When I am reading in the mornings and fragments of a song come to mind, I dig out the hymnal or google the lyrics. I write them down so I have them in one place. And yes, I sit and try to sing them. And I thank God that He receives a “joyful noise” when talent is lacking.

This singing of hymns and spiritual songs is a part of our worship – corporate AND private.

This morning the song Blessed Assurance accompanied the readings from Romans 3-5 in my mind. By faith we belong to the seed of Abraham. By faith we have been grafted in. Blessed assurance.

As I read, I heard the strains of the song by Fanny Crosby and I dug out my red book to see if I had copied it yet. No.

So now it’s in there. Along with songs by Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Martin Luther….

And the phrase that grabbed me and will play over and over…..echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

Songs through the ages, penned by saints who loved the Lord and knew He loved them. Saints who struggled and knew the strong Hand that held them.

Their voices expressing our timeless challenge to walk by faith and not by sight.

What song are you singing today?

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