Gracious me


Can you feel Spring coming? It is. I just know it….and if there is any hint of snow in the forecast, please keep me blissfully ignorant!

At work this week during the lull at the end of the day, the other associate and I were straightening and chatting. At one point she asked me if I had given any thought to when I might retire. Retire. Me.

Ok, so she’s 17 years old and I guess I look like someone who might be pondering her retirement years. Small problem, you can’t really retire from a part time job that you have only done a few years. I think in the business world, they just call that quitting.

As we continued to work, I struggled a little with the idea that my years of being a part of the work force are being viewed by the younger gals as coming to a close. Well, to be honest, it just kind of stung a little.

But as I pondered it, I was reminded of a few gaffs of my own young years. Like the time I told an older woman at our church that I hoped I would be as beautiful as she when I reached her age. I was newly 30. She was …. most likely….the age I am now….

Are you cringing for me? Or do I cringe alone?

I will never forget the perplexed look on her face as she stammered a thank you. God bless her. I had no idea that as you grow older, you don’t actually feel older. Until some younger person, in ignorance, makes what they think is a sweet and thoughtful comment.

How many times do we speak out of the best of intentions, not realizing the impact on those who are just a little further down the road? Or a little further behind? Or right along side us, but in different circumstances?

And how often have we received grace?

Oh how I pray for God to restrain my tongue, slow my reactions and be someone who extends grace. To be one who extends grace for all the grace I have received. God is described in Scripture as “gracious” – disposed to forgive offenses and impart unmerited blessing.

Yes. I have definitely been the recipient of graciousness from both God and mankind. I pray today to be more like Him. More gracious.
God bless each of you today as you receive and extend grace <3

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