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Crushing a snake…

There is a lot of discussion this time of year regarding resolutions and goals for the new  year.

I don’t really make resolutions, but I do like to take the first week or two of January to reflect on the past year and evaluate the different “systems” of my life.

I pray about what the routine of morning devotions will look like and try to focus on some areas where I can improve the way I go about daily living so that I am more fully living in the purposes and plans God has for me.

Being a student of life, I take notes from different places and ponder and study and pray.

One of the sources I used this year was a post by Ann Voskamp with her “25” Grace Plan steps…she called it a “scaffolding for shaky days”…I get that…(A Holy Experience, she doesn’t date her posts but it was around the first week of January!)

Point # 5 has been the standout for me since copying all 25 in a notebook a week ago.

“Step on the snake before breakfast…before breakfast crush one hard thing that is tempting you to think there are impossible things.” Ann Voskamp

What is my “snake”? What is the thing that tempts me to think there are impossible things?

Are you ready?

That’s it.

Getting ready.

With a heavy sigh, I continue to blush at the extremely humbling fact that it is the most minute details of life that UNDO me…and yes….getting ready is one of them.

I am an early riser. Even if we turn off all alarms, my eyes pop open between 5:30 and 6 am and if you ask anyone who has been around me on a trip or life in general…I can be pretty perky and obnoxious at that hour.

I love to come downstairs and drag out my books and coffee. I could sit there for hours and sometimes have…but the getting ready…for the day…

The hair, makeup, clothes…it is literally like pulling teeth.

So last night I decided that the snake I need to crush every morning is that one. I told Russ I was making a bold step in 2015.

Really mixing it up this year.

I announced my intention to get fully ready upon awakening every morning, not just the ones where we have to be out of the house before the crack of dawn to catch a flight or answer an emergency call or attend a 7:30 check in for a race….

And typical of this dear man who knows me better than I know myself, he just nodded supportively and said, basically, that was probably a very good idea. Which tells me he thought about this as a possible solution to my slug tendencies YEARS ago….

So this morning…day 1…I did it.

Snake crushed. Check.

It’s going to take a while. I have to admit…sitting here typing this and completely ready to face the day is a little scary…

but then so is the thought of stomping on a snake…IMG_3604

What’s your “snake”?

Find out, stomp on it and let’s march boldly into 2015 together.

Happy New Year! Let’s do this thing!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for sending me your blog by e-mail. I visited your blog when I thought of it. Unfortunately, I am rather forgetful. I like your insights and challenges into the christian life . I need to think and pray about what is my snake.

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