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Epiphany is defined as Christ being manifested to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi in Matthew 2:1-12. And its really kind of a big deal to me, on account of…well…being Gentile and all…

So I was particularly attentive to the sermon yesterday and what God would speak to me through our pastor as he added the final characters to this year’s Nativity story*.

But I wasn’t prepared for the characters that would grab my attention yet on Monday morning.

People in the familiar story that he pointed out as having noticed for the first time this year as he prepared for the sermon.

It’s the chief priests and scribes that Herod called together in verses 4-6.

The ones that knew all the prophecies and all the Scriptures regarding the coming of the Messiah.

The ones who believed He would come and knew the signs that would herald His coming…

The ones that were so smart. And so devout.

The ones who added the missing pieces to the search the Magi were making to find the King of the Jews.

The ones who confirmed the arrival place, and gave affirmation to the star they had followed.

The ones who responded with just … being greatly troubled…and then apparently going back to their homes and businesses and lives…



unwilling to go and seek and worship…

to have had all the facts, all the knowledge and none of the heart change.

We who have received Him, know that He is coming back.

His Word is full of instruction regarding how we are to live, wait, anticipate His return.

Let’s not be full of knowledge and insight and belief and then live unaffected, unchanged, unwilling to go and seek and worship Him.

As we return to regular work routines at home and jobs, may we journey onward….following Him <3

*Sermon series “Christmas Perspectives” www.firstdecatur.org


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