Friday Praise <3

Wow. When I hit send on yesterday’s post, I kind of thought maybe my life would be a little lonelier. As in, where people see you at a distance in the grocery and kind of quickly do a head duck and divert down a different aisle….

But instead it seemed to strike a cord in quite a few. I received responses throughout the day, and I prayed over each circumstance.

They ranged from a good warning to be vigilant, to a situation that has been personally troubling,  to a forward of a prophetic message about the Church around the world being seduced by political correctness.

So when I sat down to do my meditation time today, knowing that I would be then posting again, it was with faith that God is very much alive and very much speaking His Word into our hearts, collectively and individually.

As I pondered the writings for pleading the Blood of Jesus over our homes, I was drawing pictures of this in my journal and it seemed like the notebook page was glowing with pink.

I looked up and saw…..


And immediately I heard the old pipe organ from the churches of my childhood pounding out …..

                 When morning gilds the skies, my heart awaking cries…..may Jesus Christ be praised!

I could hear my mom and my dad, my aunt and my grandma, all singing with gusto. My heart swelling with the music.

                       Alike at work and prayer, to Jesus I repair……may Jesus Christ be praised!!!

Oh yes!

Today, when I get up from this little altar of prayer and study, where His Name has been praised.

When I set about to some much needed house work and when I go in to a job later.

When I go to the grocery and run my errands and make the meals and lay my head down tonight….




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