Poinsettia or Forsythia?

Quite a weekend and I am sitting on the brink of a new week feeling worn out before it even starts.

So I was in the perfect mood to be in deep, respectful, melancholy reflection for this Journey through Lent. My morning reading was from Numbers even. If that doesn’t set the tone for somber, I don’t know what will.

Instead, as I pulled out the papers for the devotion from Ann Voskamp, I find the story of the angels heralding the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds.

While it did make me feel a little better that we still have poinsettia’s in a couple of locations around the house, I was not prepared for the Christmas story this morning as my eyes peer through dirty windows hoping for a glimpse of a tulip or daffodil bud.

I am ready for Spring. I am ready for signs of seeds that have been buried to sprout with life.

And in my heart I know I am ready for my eyes to see life emerging from a long season of sowing prayers.

Where are you today? Struggling with how you will get it together for the week ahead? Or filled with rejoicing that a Savior has been born?

It’s a choice <3

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