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Friday Randomness…

First a quick pop quiz.

Which one is the real penguin?


If you answered “neither one” give yourself a point.

Also…a tip when having your photo taken in one of these….IMG_4320

this is the correct method…


and this is the Emmett-way…


Please note the baby bird appears to be quite upset with him.

Yes, we had some visitors this week and we might have eaten…


organic, healthy nonGMO gummy bears on our chocolate covered whole wheat donuts…wink wink…

played educational games that teach math strategy and principles of physics…


traveled by train…


which Emmett thought was a roller coaster because he did this…


the. entire. ride.

So now we are headed into the weekend….


I hope yours is filled with some time to rest…some time to laugh…some time to get things done.

May God bless you and refresh you as summer is winding down. Grab hold of the best of the season and enjoy the moments <3

I hope you will come back on Monday … it is a special week for me each year as I have set aside the second week of August for something I call “Commemoration Week”.

A time to remember and reflect on the goodness of God to us and to celebrate His faithfulness.



Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday <3



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