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Happy Monday <3

I have vowed to use this site to a. share my journey; b. brighten your day and c. never ever waste your time…so today’s message is short…

I am thoroughly engrossed in reading Kelly Minter’s book Wherever the River Runs


I have been blessed to do two of Kelly’s studies now — Ruth and Nehemiah.

Her book, Wherever the River Runs, is her account of experiences visiting the Amazon and serving people through Ray of Hope ministry.

I feel like I am there…I feel like I have made friends with the people she has met.

Sometimes I have to pause my reading to process the depth of emotions her writing stirs in my heart, or to pray for new “friends” I am being introduced to through her gifted words.

Do yourself a favor…take a trip on the Amazon this winter…a journey you do not want to miss!!

God bless you this week!


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  1. Laura, I don’t know how I came upon your website. You are such an inspiration. I’ve read many of your writings today. I feel God lead me to your website today, as I was having one of those lost days and needed spiritual guidance. Thank you!

    1. Well Janice, I can tell you how you came to it…God led you. My pray every single writing is for God to lead whoever needs to hear what He has given me that day to the site. It is nothing I do, but truly His Word of encouragement to others through me <3
      And thank you so very much for YOUR WORDS of encouragement TO ME!!!! What a wonderful surprise today!!
      God bless you abundantly. We all have those "lost days"...or lots of "lost moments" in the midst of regular days. You are not alone. Yet always, always...God is faithfully reaching out to us!

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