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Has anyone seen my brain around here?

IMG_7060“I like to travel light”, said me….NEVER….so Wednesday morning I blew into our house after being gone basically a week and dumped my stash…did a quick change and headed to work.

I was blessed, honored and basically over the moon to be able to stay with Rachel and Joel for their two days before going home thanks to a generous and supportive husband and a kind-hearted boss.


At one point, Rachel thanked me for giving up my life for the past five days. I joked and told her that I had given that up over 30 years ago when she was born.

But that is not true…I didn’t give up my life…caring for family is what I do. I did it for Russ before we had children. It is a gift from God to have this family to love and nurture and serve.

However….that is not what separates me from the world.

Caring for our family is fueled by my love for Christ, but it does not set me apart as a Christ-follower.

It is no great shakes that I would walk through fire for Russ, the kids, the grandkids, my close friends, my outer circle of friends…

Jesus said…even non-believers do that.

What sets me apart…what sets you apart…is when we extend agape love to those we don’t love….like…prefer…or even can tolerate.

It is the agape…unconditional love of the Father that has been poured into us through His Spirit …. loving, forgiving, serving…even those who persecute us…

This love is the love that shows we belong to Him and that we have chosen to take up His Life as we lay ours down.

God bless you, dear friends, as you love on and serve and sacrifice for your precious families….for those who have found a special place in your hearts…

AND for all …. because ALL have a place in the Father’s heart….and He is longing to have them choose Him <3


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