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Spreading the news…

Hey…spoiler alert….before I started this blog, I used to just send an email out every Thursday to our Sunday School class and then anyone who asked to be on the mailing.. so it has grown a bit over time….so on Thursday, you all get the same message only I fix it so it’s directed to you if you read the blog…or email readers if that is all they get…confused? So am I…blame it on sleep deprivation…anyhoo…today you are all getting the same thing, except YOU get pictures…do you feel special??? =0


Happy Thursday!

I realize that many of you read the blog I write Monday – Friday or are on Facebook or have run into me and the 387 photos I took this week, but just in case somehow you missed it…Rachel and Zach welcomed little Joel Timothy into their family on Monday morning.

He is a handsome little fellow and everyone is over the top excited about him.

Mommy and baby did great and continue to be in good health and we are so thankful.

With cell phones and internet….


the news went out so quickly….


And Rachel wanted Graham to be able to take photos of new baby brother to school this morning.

So Monday night.


she used my phone to download pictures to the local drug store and ordered prints.

Tuesday morning I was dispatched to pick them up as they would be ready by 8 AM.

As I stood at the counter I remembered back when our three were born. Does anyone else remember loading rolls of film in the camera, taking pictures and hoping you could find a place open with 3 day service??

Then going to pick them up and sometimes the pictures were pretty good and sometimes…wow…not so much.

We are blessed to have access to faster methods of communication to share good news…

and deep sorrow…

we are blessed to be able to congratulate and console and share and pray for one another.

Maybe today someone needs to hear from you.

A kind word, a message of hope, a photo of something wonderful that touched your heart…


send someone you love a text, make a call, write a letter…and see what develops <3

God bless you all and thank you for sharing our journey with us each week!


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  1. So funny! We did the same thing with the pictures when Teddy was born! It was strange to see physical pictures. How things have changed! So happy for your family!

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