Hey-yo…it’s MoNdAy <3


As you sip your favorite beverage, I want to share a little adventure of our weekend.

Zach has been participating in Cross Fit for several years and was in a team competition here in town so I got to go with his cheer squad …


and watch a bit of the insanity…I mean competition….this weekend.

Smiling…you know me and my aversion to sweat, right?

It was impressive to say the least…

but I rank it up there with running a Marathon.

As in…

“I want to do repetitions of deep squats with a large weight on my back”, said I.


But I am glad he does…because it seems to agree with him …and he enjoys it…and we love him….so all good <3


One of the most incredible aspects of the event was watching this…


As a team, each of the three members held a portion of a heavy rope and ran together.

I don’t know for sure, but in my mind I would imagine that trying to stay together without tripping each other up as they stay attached would take discipline and effort as they try to maintain maximum speed as a unit.

Rachel pointed out that it also takes away the freedom of arm movement that helps propel. In fact, the anchor fellow who held the middle sacrifices himself because he has to hold the rope with both hands.

And you know me well enough to know, that all of this has absolutely nothing to do with athletes doing cross fit as I type…

and everything to do with you and me and the Cross.

Because there are so many right now, who are running the race together….

holding on to the common thread of Jesus…

working as team as we carry one another’s burdens.

Oh yes, we each run our own race.

But as followers of Christ, we are to come alongside our brothers and sisters and labor together for the Lord’s work.

Whether in prayer, encouragement, helps, mercy….

we are to help one another hold fast to the bond of the work of the Cross in each of us.


We each have to run our own race, but we were not meant to journey alone.

Part of being the Body of Christ means spurring each other on.

And we hold together through the “rope” of Christ’s love and sacrifice.

He is the Man in the middle, who holds it all together.

I am so thankful for the many hands that hold the rope with me.

I am so blessed to hold the rope for others.

It can be tiring and it involves the sacrifice of self to hold on to Jesus TOGETHER…but let’s do it.


As the family of God.

Let us not grow weary in doing good…for in due time….if we do not give up…we will reap a blessing….Galatians 6:9



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  1. Wait a minute…a Cubs fan? Boy, I bet Grandpa Russ really has to bite his tongue!
    Laura Jean, I love your blog. We are all held together by the true rope, or vine, Jesus Christ! Keep holdin’on.

    1. Haha!! Kenny you know well and good that when Russ looks at those little cuties it is with eyes of love…we just tell them that we love their daddy and them and if they love the Cubs, we love that they love the Cubs ;0) and i love that you all still call me Laura Jean <3

  2. Zach I am so proud of you. When you have your next competition lets us know for we would love to watch you.

    1. Thank you <3 Then God used this place to encourage one of His own today and for that I praise Him !

  3. The three guys holding onto the rope reminds me of Ecclesiastes 4:12.”Though one may be overpowered,two can defend themselves,a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” There’s strength in numbers.

    1. Yep…that too…and also …. by bearing one another’s burdens we will fulfill the Law of Christ <3

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