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I am an artist

Grahams’ latest kick is telling people, “I am an artist.”

Before I go further, I will let his latest work speak for itself….


It’s a mural that started with a portrait of the artist and his Lola safely protected in a green house. And we are smiling, so don’t ask him because he gets a little defensive about it.

It also represents sports he has learned and plans to learn. Oh, and we are in the safe house because we are being chased by dinosaurs. There is a bunny hiding in the grass and various bugs attacking the dinosaurs from behind his dad’s hand.

A lot going on. Trust me.

It’s a complicated piece that ended up having several more scenes taped on by the time it was all said and done.

The first time he told me he is an artist was last Thursday.

He looked me square in the eye and said with assurance and confidence, “I’m an artist Lola.”

And all I could say was, “Yes, you are.” Because the thoughts that were flooding me would have scared him to pieces if I had let loose of them all at once….like….

“You are so cute, I think I am going to explode.”

“If anyone ever tells you that you can’t draw well, they will probably want to get a restraining order against me.”

“I want to buy you every art supply available.”

“I know the day will come when the world will break your heart and on that day I think my heart will shatter.”

“I may burst into tears right here just thinking about how much that will hurt.”

“I would like to meet the first person that told you that you are an artist so I can give them a hug and nominate them for some kind of award.”

Yeah…he didn’t need to know all that….but it’s all true.

Yesterday I got to witness him telling his barber he is an artist. Luckily for the barber he took the whole thing at face value and said that is really cool.

Then he asked him about his medium…side note…I may nominate the barber for an award for coming up with that question.

They talked for quite a while about the things he likes to draw and not once did Graham say he isn’t very good or that his pictures are limited in content or that maybe not everyone likes them.


Wisdom in such a small vessel.

Several years ago Russ paid a chunk of money to send me to a writer’s conference. I learned there that the first step to being a writer is to …. write.

To say “I am a writer” and then …. do it.



I don’t know if Graham has found his calling or is just embracing this new form of expression, but I admire his confidence-without-arrogance…his acceptance of a way he is wired by God…his willingness to do the thing and share it with others.

So for now…I will write….Graham will draw….and….I can’t wait to see what this one will come up with….


but its gonna be good…I just know it <3


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