I miss the volunteers…


I gave blood yesterday.

Actually, it was practically last night.

In a heavy gray downpour, at what would have been sunset if we had had sun.

I was cold and drenched and behind four other people waiting to donate.

It was like Black Friday at the Red Cross…

It hurt like it always does, but the attendant was kind and apologized for the pain.

All of us who donated were thanked repeatedly for giving of our time and … uhm….resources.

There was the usual complimentary water bottles, sign up sheet for next time and snack basket.

But no sweet little ladies and kind men with gray hair and slightly shaky hands offering me a cup of coffee in a tiny styrofoam cup.

No hand resting on my back, urging me to drink another glass of water and no homemade cookies.

No one put a big circle sticker on me that said “Be nice to me. I gave blood today” with a fat red drop underneath the words for added effect.

And I miss them.

The nameless, thanked-too-less who volunteered all those years.

Kindness and giving of oneself in hidden places is not sensational, newsworthy or extraordinary….but how sadly these traits would be missed if it were to disappear.

Scripture warns that the end times will be marked by a growing selfishness and coldness of heart.

Let us, while it is still possible…urge one another to continue asking God to fill our hearts with His love so we can pour it out in the small places where we live.

God bless you today <3

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  1. When I volunteer over the holidays for The Salvation Army, I notice that the median age of the volunteer force keeps rising. I think most of the folks in the g ym are 60 or 70 somethings. SAD.

    1. It seems we all get so busy we forget what a blessing it is to serve in quiet ways. I know I seem to lean towards things that seem “productive” without realizing sometimes just being attentive to listen to someone and look them in the eye is the MOST productive thing we can do <3

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