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It’s a Kingdom, not a democracy <3

Another great evangelical voice speaks out that he or she has changed positions on an issue.

Enlightened with new understanding, an announcement is made and a shift to a new “truth” is established and all of Christendom responds…

with applause if it affirms what this one has chosen to believe…

or with knee-jerk reactions and flaring statements…

or just dissolving into a new puddle of hopeless tears that the other team is winning.

Remember the old childhood games…

pick up baseball in someone’s backyard where assorted trees made uneven base lines?

Or Kickball on the playground with chalk mark x’s to designate first, second, third and home?

How about Red Rover, Red Rover?

In all of those games, the teams were usually stacked with the strong versus the weak.

Teams chosen by captains who were typically the biggest and oldest who picked their way down the remaining group to the last two pathetic and unathletic runts of the group.

“I guess I’ll take___________”

The last one, not really “chosen”, was left to follow the backs of the team as they ran off to their positions.

And that’s how we in the Church of Jesus Christ can feel when one more hero of the faith decides that they were wrong about what God said….

or that God was wrong…

that truth is a shifting thing and up for grabs depending on who is writing it these days.

But we are not playing a game on some eternal playground.

And we do not serve a democratic (and I don’t mean Democrat vs. Republican…) God.

We serve a KING.

The majority does not rule and when one or ten or a hundred or every last person on the planet decides that they can rewrite Scripture and define truth…

God is still God.

The question of your faith standing is not who is standing with you, but that YOU are standing WITH GOD.

Bolster up your faith, Church.

God has not changed.

He is the same…

yesterday, today, forever.

He will deal justly with all of us (this should make you tremble, dear ones) …

but He will do it with MERCY and with GRACE.

Leave judgment in His hands….

judgment of the world, judgment of the Church and judgment of YOU <3

Trust in Him with all ….ALL… of your whole heart…follow His teachings by spending time READING the Word you proclaim to believe.

Apply it to your own heart and life and allow it to dwell in you, transforming you and changing you according to His will.

Pray for those who are being led astray and are deceived.

Pray for yourself to remain firmly grounded even as the ground around us shakes harder.

Guard your heart and your mind as you look for the Coming of your LORD.

Be blessed today, little child of God….

He is faithful…

and He is able to sustain us in these shifting sands of time <3


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  1. Oh,sweet, sweet Laura!!! How, how do you do this!? Your words are beautiful and captivating , and comforting and true ! Thank you, dear one!! I love your words, and they always speak to me in such a personal way . Thank you!!!❤️

    1. I hope and pray my words would always honestly reflect what the Lord is doing in me…and that they serve to point others to Jesus. Thank you sweet friend <3

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