Some Friday Randoms to end the week <3

Happy Friday to you!

We made it…and it has been a hot one here in the Midwest.

I had a fine time with this mess of cuteness yesterday…




And this little yahoo has learned my name…


I also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to this guy…

He told me he does three things when he first gets up in the morning and one was to read this.

I love it.

I have told you before about my summers spent in an airstream trailer touring the U.S. with my retired parents.

But one blissful summer, I got to be a young teenager in the home of my aunt and uncle and four cousins out on the dry side of the mountains of Washington State.

That extended time with my dad’s side of the family is held in a treasured place in my childhood memories as I got to be their fifth child…swimming, camping, watching game shows, tagging along with them to their activities whether church music rehearsals or picking asparagus.

Although they spent the majority of their lives on separate sides of the country, he reminds me so much of all the good parts of my own dad…

so have the best day ever, Uncle Theron…I love you <3

And with that I bid you a blessed weekend…stay cool…eat watermelon…hug your family and please come back for a visit on Monday <3




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