It’s just the screen protector…..

When I got my new phone last year, the gal put a nice screen protector on it.

Good thing because I have, among other things:

* scratched it

* smeared it

* gotten it wet

and most recently….

I laid it face down on top of a plastic bag with permanent marker. Permanent meaning that it rubbed OFF of the plastic bag and is now permanently on my phone.

With some serious praying and cleaning I have gotten most of it off, but there is still a faint blue smear across the face of the phone.

And yet.

It’s not really marring the phone. The phone underneath the screen saver is fine.

Still pristeen. Still unscratched, un smudged, un water damaged, un permanently markered.

All I would really need to do is take the screen saver off and there my nice, clear, clean phone would be.

Kind of like me.

I am saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit. Sealed by Him.

But sometimes the world, aided by my old, habit-formed nature, leaves some marks and scuffs and stains on the outside.

So God reminds me repeatedly….to take off the old man….to kneel before Him and let His cleansing wash away the surface so that what is outside matches what He has done inside.

As Christ has cleaned the inside of this clay pot, it is important to make sure the outside reflects the glory of His GRACE!

What do you need to peel off today so the world can see His glory at work in you?

Bless you today <3

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  1. Ahhh…the things that I would need to peel away. Much like your phone, I have many “dings” that have accumulated over time. The process of acquiring them has been so slow and subtle, I’ve become used to them and basically learned to live with them. Thank you for the reminder of how to ease the load!

    1. I know what you mean. I tend to think of them as “just the way I am” or “just the way things are”….so important to stay connected to the Vine and remember that’s where I draw life! =0)

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