Oh You’re a Good Man….

If you finished that with “….Charlie Brown”, then you can thank me later today when the tune is STILL echoing in your head.

Yes, yes, we have attended another spring high school musical. Last Friday night, Russ suggested we go to our girls’ alma mater here in town for their production of …. oh, go ahead and sing it yourself.

The kids were amazing. So much talent and poise just humbles me.

But the story…what is it about Charlie Brown that gets on my nerves?

I have seen this musical several times over the years (we have a LOT of friends with kids who looooove the stage). I also read the cartoon for many years, back when I actually read the paper.

And I find myself wanting to scream at Chuck….”Look around you, man! Everyone is feeling inadequate. Lucy is threatening and crabby to everyone, including family members. Snoopy is indifferent and condescending to all the kids. The whole team lost the game; not just you. Look at how all of your friends are feeling misunderstood and under appreciated! If you would get your head out of your lunch bag and reach out to people, you might do some good instead of always feeling sorry for yourse…..”

And then it hits home. Even as I mentally rail against him, I sheepishly realize….that’s me sometimes. A lot of times actually.

Like when I think everyone has it together except me. And when I think that nothing goes my way. Ever. And when I think that there is no point in trying because it won’t turn out well. It never does. And when I think that someone that I would like to talk to probably doesn’t want to talk to me. What do I have to offer, anyway?

Good grief…..

The whole problem with Charlie Brown, and with me, is that we often are looking at ourselves and how others see us, instead of looking up and seeing ourselves and others as God sees us.

And a bonus is, if we focus our gaze on Him, praise begins to drown out those negative thoughts AND that tune that keeps playing in your head!

May God bless us all today with a new perspective and a new song!

*********Take the opportunity today to check out www.chicagonow.com/families-in-the-loop by Wendy Widom posted on May 1 “234 Girls Kidnapped & Forced to Marry, While the World does Nothing” and www.aholyexperience.com by Ann Voskamp for May 7.

And do something for these precious women – pray for them. God hears our prayers! If God is calling you to do something – do it, but by all means, PRAY!!!

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