Just for fun…

It’s just time for some random…cause blonde has to do what blonde does…


so for a mid-week break…here are some things I have been thinking of lately that you will most likely never hear me say….in no particular order…

“Can I substitute a salad for the french fries .” (can be applied to potato chips, house fries, waffle fries or any other food product that involves potatoes and grease)

“Well, I HAVE been here for a while but it’s ok, I figured you were probably just running a little late.”

“I didn’t even bother to put makeup on.”

and related to that….

“I was in a hurry so I just put a ball cap on.”

“Surprise! I mowed the lawn (washed the car, cleaned out the basement, swept the garage) today!”

“Can you give me your constructive criticism on this thing (that I have just worked so hard on and poured my whole being into)?”

“Whoa! That dessert is too rich. I can’t finish it.” (Can plug in “steak is too big” or “coffee is too strong” as well)

“Let’s just watch the movie and see how it unfolds.”

“I guess we can just sit and relax til the company comes, everything is ready.”

“I’m going to keep this old t-shirt for when I work in the yard (paint, refinish furniture, stain the woodwork….)”

“Let me just finish cleaning (name any household chore) before we go get ice cream.”

“I know exactly what I want to order off the menu.”

“I finished my To Do List, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Wouldn’t it be fun to run a marathon? (or half-marathon, 10K, 5K, around the block or really just finish the sentence with “run”)

“I’m speechless!”…..Ok…I HAVE said that, but then followed with several long speeches….


“Stop me if I have told you this before….” Cause really, I don’t mind telling the same story over…and over…and over…..

Oh, I would love to know what your cooking up in your head for your own list of things we will never hear you say!

If you feel brave, leave in the comments…if it’s just for me, tell me to NOT SHARE =0)

I hope you have a blessed day! And please…find time to find humor in yourself and in your situation!


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  1. LOVE your list! Mine? Way too long to mention. 🙂 Sorry not to have dropped in much lately. Tax season, two surgeries, numerous work related “emergencies” and family related “stuff” has dominated my world. Oh…and that new little business of mine. Can’t forget that! lol. Please know my absence & lack of commenting does not mean you have been out of mind. xoxo -Lisa

    1. So glad you like it! I have been enjoying your posts of pictures – beautiful!!!! You are a dear – I also think of you often and each thought…a prayer for you and your busy “extraordinarilyordinary….” life….not sure I spelled that right but you get the point!!! <3

      1. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures, the thoughts, your prayers. As for the spelling, I’m not even sure how to spell it any more. haha! But I definitely get the point.

  2. I must say you will never hear me say a lot of what you already listed. Another, for me, would be….”I just love shopping for a swimsuit!”

    1. Haha!!! good one Mary!! yes!!! add that to the list for sure!!!! love it!!!

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