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The kind touch of God <3


A few weeks ago, I was watching the little guys on my usual Thursday. Graham was going through all the steps to prolong having to take a nap. We had a drink, read stories, had another drink, found the right arrangement for blankets and stuffed animals and then, of course….had to go potty.

Because, well…all the drinks….

So as I sat on the side of the tub and he sat where one sits in such a situation, he kind of sighed and looked at me with very tired and sad eyes and expressed the heart of the whole issue….”Lola, I miss my mommy.”

I told him I know he does and that she would be home very soon, AFTER his nap; which if he took one would make the time just fly by.

He put his little chin down, and swung his legs a bit and then looked back at me, once again with very tired eyes, but this time questioning…like he had never thought of this before, and he asked me, “Do YOU miss my mommy?”

I have had a lot of empty nest heart to hearts with my fellow empty nesters, and with young parents who dread the day of their own empty nest, and even with our birds that left our nest….but there is something about having the bird of the bird that left the nest ask you that penetrating question and wow….

Tears sprung up out of a deep cavern in my heart that I am getting better about “embracing change” in, but is still very much there…..

I gulped and I told him …. yes….yes I do miss his mommy. And his Tia and his Uncle John. And then because we are big into inclusiveness, I assured him I also miss his daddy and Tio….

And then, there in one of the oddest conversation settings imaginable for such a tender topic, he reached over and patted my shoulder and said, “It’s ok Lola. I’ll take care of you.”

And we sat there in the moment, and I thanked God for sweet mercies that come when you least expect them; like a little hand patting your shoulder and telling you its going to be okay.

Everyone needs to know that it’s going to be okay.

And everyone needs to know that you are not alone.

I pray today you know that there is One who has promised to never leave you, forsake you, betray you, forget you, outgrow you, etc etc etc …One who has promised that He will work all things for the good of those who love Him…and that in the end, it is all going to be okay for those who belong to Him.

Yes, He sends His love through others at the sweetest times, but trust today….even if you feel all alone…..


God bless you today with the tangible touch of love expressed from God’s heart to yours in a way that you can understand.

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  1. Agreed one of your best! Love this tender story! Being an empty nester has its challenges, but I have been blessed with so much love in my life.. Especially His incomparable love ! <3

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