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Looking ahead…


So it’s Friday and we are heading into the Fourth of July weekend.

Which around here is more than just a celebration of America….no….around here we are convinced the fireworks and festivities are in honor of John’s birthday.

He had to head this way for something, and we will get to celebrate his day and have family and it’s wonderful and we are so very happy.

IMG_8591 (1)

But forever, just once in my adult life…

it would be nice to know we have family coming in and I am not trying to catch up on a ga-zillion house chores and coordinate appointments that have appeared and process laundry and clear away the latest piles of stuff from the on-going “let’s purge this house” campaign.

Which brings me to my plans for this little slice of the internet next week.

I had the opportunity to be on the Launch Team for a new book by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room.


First off, I love the book and have marked it up something fierce.

I had already pre-ordered four copies before I got accepted to the launch team and part of the treat of being involved in that was receiving a free book so that I could help spread the word.

It has been insightful and helpful to me in so many ways.

Melissa is a Christian and while the book is not overtly Christian, she definitely draws on her faith as she explores what keeps us buried in clutter.


Next week, I want to share some of the ways the book has impacted me, both in our home and in my spirit. If you are an organized person or male, don’t zone out on me next week…I really think this is something that will speak to everyone on some level! At least that is my hope and prayer <3

And since Journey Onward is not financially sponsored…

as in, this is a ministry funded by Russ…

I want to make good on that free book by giving one of the ones I purchased away.

So here’s how it will work.


If you leave a comment on Facebook or this site today through next Friday, your name goes in a drawing to receive a copy of this book.

Stuff you should know:

I will hand deliver it if you live locally or mail it to your home if you do not.

If you already have one, go ahead and comment so you can gift it to someone else.

IF you don’t want your comment published – just tell me that IN the comment. Your name still goes in the drawing…whether the comment is to be posted or not.

I never include emails or last names (unless YOU have a website you would like people to know about).

Also you should know…giveaways and such are a method bloggers/websites use to gauge how big their audience is and to capture emails for future promotions. (GASP…it’s true…even the most godly freebies are often used to measure readership…it’s not wrong but I want to be up front with you <3)

That is not what I am doing here, although in truth….


sometimes I wonder who’s out there reading this stuff and it has tickled me down deep when different people have mentioned that they read it!

I REALLY do want to write my own little, self-published book some day and it will be offered on this site when and if it happens…but for now, I just thought it would be fun to share the journey I have had from reading this book — and offer a copy to one of you <3

So that’s the plan…

Now get out there and eat some burgers and potato salad, spit watermelon seeds and watch the fireworks and if you see a tall blonde man that looks a bit like me…but with facial hair…


wish him a HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!!!!

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    1. Wow! Another sweet surprise Amy <3 We don't get to cross paths much these days, so God smiles on me to think that what I have to say has found a place in your day! God bless you!!

  1. Sweet Lola I think your blog is Berry Awesome and I truly believe your words are God-breathed and inspired. I will shamefully admit that the first thing I do is scroll completely through the post in its entirety before reading to see if there are any pics of one of my favorite band of brothers. But then I return to the top and soak it all in:) Love you so much!

    1. Awwwww….Kiki…you know they are my favorite subject matter <3 And I have your precious brood to thank for the special "grandma name" I have been blessed to hear since my first dubbing as Miss Lola <3 love you - love YOUR amazing inspirations, one of which now decorates our laundry room <3

    1. It is a good one. Trying to hone down all I gleaned into short writings…hard to do as I got so much out of it! Bless you <3

  2. Who couldn’t use purging, both at home, and in the dark corners we like to hide. Love you dear friend Happiest of birthdays, John! No place like home!

    1. The tie-in’s of both the physical and spiritual have been sooooo interesting! And we had a blast celebrating our little firecracker!

  3. Happy Birthday John!!!! Laura we need to carry this book…. Don’t you think? We will talk…like we never do that Happy 4th

    1. He was sung to over and over by his nephews…and his siblings, one of whom is so talented musically she managed to do a horrendous off-key version after a few too many go rounds! HA! Yes – the book is a good one…

  4. Laura,
    Do you remember a long time ago when I said I wish you would write a book? I am excited to think that will happen!! In the meantime I love your blog and the insight you share with each post. Love you!! Thank Russ for sponsoring your blog!!

    1. Yes I do Cinda <3 Glad the blog blesses you! He is my #1 fan, always has been...wouldn't have gotten this much of my writing out in the public if he hadn't kept encouraging me. Bless you dear friend <3

  5. I hope this book makes more sense than the one I read on deciding if your object brings you joy (including the really helpful tactic of asking the object). Just trying to not be a hoarder!

    1. OH my goodness. I would be in real trouble if my possessions took on a personality!!! That would add GUILT of hurting the objects feelings to all the other baggage!!! I highly recommend the book!

    1. BEST ANSWER EVER!!! hahah!!!! I LOVE IT>…you are already on the list as publisher you know! Thanks Cuz-who-is-my-long-lost-brother <3

    1. Tickles me that you and Uncle Theron read this…means so much to me!!! Your name is in the hat <3

  6. Well, no surprise here that I read your blog daily! I’m in that “purge” state right now also! I need to so badly! I would love a copy of the book! And, after I read it I will pass it on so I do not start collecting again!

    1. Haha…well…you know I will be hanging on to me…but irony…I can’t find my marked up copy this morning! Ha! I’m sure it is in one of the many bags I stowed with our impending arrival of company tomorrow!!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog Laura! You have a great way with words & inspire me with your deep faith.

    1. Bless you Becky! So glad God can use a “cracked pot” like me to be a vessel of His inspiration!! Truly He makes beauty from ashes <3

    1. Bless you dear friend <3 Always appreciate your support and sharing of the site with others!

  8. Laura, I read your blog daily. Part of my quiet time. Your spiritual insights so often express more clearly (as in hitting nail on the head) what I’m feeling (good or not so good ) or needing to hear from the Holy Spirit. I’ve told several friends about your blog & encouraged them to read it regularly. Your words minister to me.

    1. Thank you Cindy. Having met and prayed with you, I can tell you that your prayers are golden and even though only God often sees and hears them…they are producing much for the Kingdom!! God bless you dear friend <3

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