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My old nemesis and Mary Poppins


Procrastination…from pro [forward} and crastinus {of tomorrow}…

So to push forward until tomorrow, as a habit of living, that which should be done today.

As we all know…tomorrow never comes…there is a new one every. single. day.

And as much as I dislike this trait in myself and as much pain as it has caused me…

it is a constant battle in my life.

With just about every task from getting ready in the morning to going to bed at night, I drag my feet…piddle….do anything but the thing that needs to be done.

Case in point….

Russ mentioned that perhaps it was time to refresh our laundry room which is fondly known in my mind as my sanctuary…my quiet place…


it is plastered on every wall and cabinet door with inspirational writings and pictures…




treasures of the paper kind that kept me going through long days of raising kiddos.

It took me several weeks to start the project and then two full days of labor to take each one down…

read over…


gently peel tape off the back and re-tape with craft stickers into an album.


I did that.

Since I banned Russ from the laundry room early in our marriage…except he has visitation rights to wash his car cloths and retrieve any clothes that haven’t made it back to his closet…it took him a few days to notice.

But notice he did on Friday.

And bless him…the first thing he did was acknowledge how difficult that must have been for me.

One of the zillion reasons I love him so much, he knows my heart.

He casually mentioned that he would get the paint and take care of the refresh.

Which he did.

In basically one day. He had a few touch ups on Sunday, but it’s done.

So where does Mary Poppins come in?

We saw the play at Maroa Forsyth yesterday…since ,you know, the painting was all done and everything…

Quick kudos to the work of those kids and adults on a fantastic production. And for a woman who has seen the movie at least a dozen times…this was just icing on the cake of my love for the music and story!

Oh…there I go…wandering from the point…

Because the point is….as Mary stood wistfully on stage alone as we were moments away from the finale, she voiced something that resonated in my heart…

With every task that must be done there is an ending…and it is bittersweet.

Completion of projects means a separation.

An ending.

A finale that leads to the next thing…in a never ending cycle of beginnings and endings.


I want to ponder this insight into a struggle that is real in my life.

This hanging on to process …. this anticipation of grief when things come to an end that paralyzes me from action.

But I also wonder if perhaps it is part of God’s wiring in me to long for eternity…to long for that home where endings will not come……where striving will cease and we will be brought to the ultimate, perfected completion of that which He started in us….

And I will think about that today…and tomorrow…

God bless you on this Monday…may you experience His Victory in your personal battles…whatever they are <3


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    1. As Jimmy would say…we have a bit of Trojan in us! Russ and I are always amazed reading over that list of past years just how many of these we have been blessed to attend. Such talent!! It was Supercalifra…you know…

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