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Random Monday thoughts….

Happy Monday! Welcome to an eclectic collection of thoughts because I’m processing the weekend and also mapping out the calendar of this coming week and marveling at all that God has done and all that He is going to do….so here we go…

Church was sweet this weekend – we walked around the perimeter of the property at the end of every service. I went on Saturday night and walked with the dearest people. We prayed, but we also shared how we came to attend this church and what it had meant to our families. Each one had a different story, but all were God’s story for us!

For us, we came when our children were in the range of 5 – 11 years old. We were loved and welcomed. We learned about praise and about GRACE and about the Holy Spirit. Our pastor told the congregation, before we went out to pray, about a Sunday when the lot was still empty. Some of the men had mowed a line around the edge of the land we had purchased. The building that stands today was just a blueprint on paper, if we even had that figured out yet! We had gathered with our children and walked the same line, dedicating the land to the Lord.

Having moved so many times as a child from military base to base and then following my dad’s different jobs after he retired, I always longed for our children to grow up in one place. On  Sunday, it was with a full heart that I traced the steps those three Reimer kids jumped and skipped and ran around so many years before. I think I could hear their voices echoing in the trees.

Also, this weekend, Russ visited John and reported that this precious son of ours that has struggled for 2 plus years with debilitating pain in his back was long-boarding and climbing up retaining walls so he could jump down….

We rejoice in God’s healing. He is faithful and His ways are beyond our understanding. He placed a promise in my heart that John would be healed. It has been a long wait for us….but for John, I can only imagine. Many have prayed for him and us along the way. We are so thankful <3

With the launching of a church-wide prayer initiative, I began a new 40 day “circle” this morning. I picked up a sweet little prayer book I carry in my purse. Today, for some reason, I opened to the very first page…the one where you can write “To”, “From”…etc….and apparently I gave this one to one of our daughters in 2005.

It must not have made the cut of books she wanted to keep or else I just borrowed it back…but somehow on June 25, 2005 God had me write these words. I know they are from Him…..I’m just not that good….

Stay close to the LORD, as will I, and we will always be held close to each other in Him <3

That is my prayer for you today, for all those you love and all those you pray for.

Your prayers move mountains. Your prayers open doors. Your prayers bring about God’s Kingdom in the lives of those you love <3

Do not give up. Do not grow weary.

He – God Himself – who began those good works….He WILL complete them!

Bless you today, dear ones. You are being prayed for — RIGHT NOW!!!!

*I warned you this would be random!



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    1. Yes we do, and God is so faithful!
      Adds to our numbers dear ones to pray for each other and encourage each other; even as the years march on!
      You are such a blessing in my life <3

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