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Running the numbers just for fun <3


So today I am led to do one of those number things because I think they are fun to read so I hope you agree because that’s what I have for you today.



The number of years since this one and I covenanted to love each other for better or worse, and so far the worst hasn’t really been too bad at all and the better just keeps getting better.


The number of times we stayed up late talking and while I hear of couples doing this, I am totally fine with the fact that we talk in shorter increments of moments. Also, I out talk him by a long shot and even I get tired of hearing me ramble on so it’s all good.


The number of homes we have lived in, starting with our little apartment and ending here in a ranch style that I fought tooth and nail because I love traditional two stories and now thank God every day for the ease of getting to live on one level.



The number of months we dated before we knew we would be miserable until we could be married. 


The number of months we were miserable until we got married.


A great podcast I listened to yesterday https://thewarriorshe.com/5-vital-virtues-warrior-wife/ that made me cry because she talked about how our spouse should be our “battle buddy” and that’s what this guy has been….for all of us under his love and care.


Even though, lately he seems to have eyes for a younger woman…


Oh well…she is kinda cute <3

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