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You are my best….fill in the blank


He says it all the time….wraps those chubby arms as tight as he can around my neck (and my heart); looks straight in my eyes and declares ….

“You are my BEST Lola in the whole wide world!”

And it’s true….

I’m also his only Lola.

Those arms wrap around every single person in his sphere of living…each one of us has our own name and our own place in his heart….

And he declares fervent and undying devotion to his favorite….mommy, daddy, Emmy, Papi, Gammy, Papa; each one by name….

None of us are Number One over another.

In our category, we are the BEST of the exact person we are to him.

I hear God’s voice in that declaration…

“You are My best Laura. No one else can be YOU the way I made you to be. No one else can do what you do the way I made you to do it.”

That is one of the lessons I am learning through the Children of the Day study by Beth Moore.

It is a resounding theme in much of what I am studying in other areas, as well.

I pray you are hearing His voice in your life TODAY!

I pray you are hearing Him declare….

You are My best ______________(fill in your name) in the whole wide world   <3

May God bless each one of you, by the name He has given you!

We do not need to compete. We have already won in our own category if we will rest in the fullness of His perfect love, as His love perfects us <3

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  1. You know, it is always such a pleasure to stop by your site. Love. Warmth. Compassion. Your site…more importantly…your words exude this and more. They are like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

    By the way, I LOVE that picture! It is priceless!!!

    1. Oh…thank you. That is my prayer, because I want people to encounter Christ here and that would be Love, Warmth, Compassion at its highest point <3 And He IS the "Comforter" <3
      and the picture...oh if you knew my patient husband....smiling so nice while his wife and grandson carry on with such shenanigans....makes me laugh!

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