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Slow down summer…cause you are just leading to…gulp…September

IMG_0752School’s out, or almost out, for summer…graduation open houses are finished up…and pools are opening…and even now I remember the odd state of relief that school was over for the year mixed with a sorrow only veteran parents understand.

The same three months of summer that seemed to drag on forever as a child, gather speed over the years, and as a parent…well…you barely have time to get the pool bag prepped and they are stocking the shelves at Target with back to school supplies….


Going through old notes and thoughts recently, I came across this quasi-poem I scratched out on a sheet of notebook paper at the end of some unknown school year…

Beach towels and colorful bags. “Let’s go to the pool!”, you call.

Summer lies ahead with its promise of fun and crazy days.

But give me some time. My mother heart needs a few days to mourn.

Another year has slipped by and I know that these long, hot days will quickly fly…taking us one year closer to when you leave us.

Be patient with me as I am short-tempered for a few days.

It’s not that your presence irritates me, but in a paradox of emotions, I am kind of mad at you for getting older…

you will understand some day, too soon…when I grow old on you <3

I remember each year as the kids clamored for the fun to begin, this mom was a little weepy eyed just wanting to hold on a bit longer to the age and the stage we were in.

Each summer meant…another year down til they launched for good…and sure enough they have.

Just like I knew they would.

And  sure enough, I miss them like crazy.

Just like I knew I would.

And….yeah…I am aging…gracefully, I hope…but they can see it too….

Just like I knew….

So to all the young mommy’s and daddy’s out there…treasure every moment. Live IN the moment…

Take some time to  grieve a little along the way for what you know is passing…

Find solace in the unchanging goodness of the One who loves you and called you to raise those sweaty, suntanned, sticky from popsicles, chalk-covered cherubs amidst the ever-progressing landscape of change that makes up life.

He understands your tears…the ones few see. He delights in those moments when your hearts swell and He strengthens you when your “heritage from the Lord” is dancing on your last nerve <3

God bless you and your families…every hot humid day  and star filled night this summer….and from all of us who raised YOU… We understand.

While some days drag on for weeks and some of those stages and phases are ones you want to wish away…you are doing a fine job and we who have gone before you down this road are cheering you on.  <3IMG_3241


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  1. This is so true, Laura. Just sitting here looking out the window wondering where all the precious years have gone. We must make the most out of each day the Lord has given us. Have a blessed day, Laura, and thank you for your journal!

    1. Yes – and to properly mourn, but then to move on…that is the balance I seek. Bless you <3

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