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To stand for those who can’t

I was driving south on Tuesday and saw a police car in the north bound lane of the highway. And a flag. And a man walking carrying the flag.

And yeah, I may have grabbed my phone and taken a blurry picture out the window while keeping tear-filled eyes focused on my driving.

Google helped me find out for sure, because I could see the logo on his shirt and figured it was for the Wounded Warrior project. He had started from the pharmacy south of town about 3 hours before.

That’s a long walk. On a busy highway, with a squad car on his heels and cars passing in the next lane the whole way.

I am sure the flag got heavy as the winds were strong and I know for a fact it poured at different times all morning.

And I am struck by the willingness of this one individual to sacrifice personal comfort and ease so we remember that there are casualties of war… and the soldiers can know their pain is not forgotten.

Wounds and scars of all kinds. Some are visible to the eye and some are buried deep in the hearts and souls and spirits of those who have served our country.

It makes me think of some other folks I know that are carrying another kind of banner for some different wounded warriors.

People who are carrying heavy burdens under the standard of the Cross. We call it “standing in the gap” or “praying them through” or “intercession”.

But these are the ones who have chosen to wear the pain of people they love. They are out there, amidst the flow and traffic of life, sacrificing ease and comfort on behalf of those who are suffering.

They are keeping on as the rains fall and winds blow, lovingly representing those dear to them.

Step by step. Mile by mile. Carrying them to God in prayer.

May He bless us all….the weary, the wounded, the advocates… the Body of Christ.

Holding one another up.

Carry on.

God sees. He knows. He cares. He hears. He responds. He acts.

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  1. some days each step seems like a mile but so thankful to have the hope of Christ as we carry on.

  2. Laura, that was Ron Stephens, and he works for Dale’s pharmacy, marching for WOUNDED WARRIORS. And yes, there are others in life so broken and hurting and we as Christ followers are called to help them bear their burdens, either by upholding them in prayer or serving them physically. I so appreciate your writings–your light shines for Jesus!

    1. Surely touched my heart…cried the whole way home for what he was doing …. and for so many that are truly putting their lives on hold as they pray and serve. There is a whole lot of ugly out there, but when we take on the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus…oh my…it is a beautiful thing <3

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