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Because it’s the Voice…

Three times this week I have been told by people I love dearly that they called me just because they needed to hear my voice.



Not WANTED to….no, NEEDED to….hear my voice…

I will tell you that there is nothing you can attempt to say to me in hopes of paying me a compliment or showing me respect that trumps that.


To think that someone I love feels that hearing me say something to them would somehow enhance their day…is beyond humbling.

That kind of being loved is weighty.

It puts a solid foundation under all the “I love you’s” that these dear ones have ever said to me.

I feel valued and assured that I matter in their daily existence.

When one of them tells me this, I realize that hearing my voice means I am not so far away…that I am somewhere and that they are going to see me again sometime, hopefully soon…that my voice brings them comfort because it is how I express myself and thus, it is representative of who and what I am to them.

When I want to hear someone’s voice, it is to reassure me of all that they are and all that their existence means to me. We have a history that speaks of faithfulness and love and to hear them speak cuts through whatever I am dealing with and reminds me there is goodness and mercy and grace in this life here on planet Earth.

And knowing this makes me look at my relationship with God.

God, the Three in One.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

And I wonder…in all my praying and pondering and studying and searching and communing and asking, asking, asking…

Do I tell Him I love Him and….

do I call to Him because….

I just need to…


His Voice?

Those calls I received this week were not a burden or an unwelcome interruption to my day. They tenderly invited me into the deepest level of fellowship with my loved ones. I didn’t have to DO anything except answer.

If I….being a mere human being…flawed and flailing….can respond to the request of those I love to simply let them hear my voice….how much more…


will our heavenly Father answer us when we call to Him desiring to hear His voice?

And then…to think…that He loves to hear my voice….oh my….

Let’s determine in our hearts to speak to Him today and then be quiet and still, eagerly listening for how He would choose to speak to us  <3IMG_4649


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  1. Oh, my! You have a ministry thru your writing, Laura. MAY OUR TRIUNE GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS! PRAISE BE TO HIM!

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