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Speaking of signs….

This sign is hanging on the door leading to a new construction area in our church…


It speaks to me…it’s real….honest…and polite.

I’m thinking of having one made for our home.

Oh, we aren’t having construction done or anything. I just think it would make me feel better about the accumulation of papers and such that gathers from time to time…like every day….

There is another sign I see around town this time of year, tho, that makes me cringe.

You may have seen it too.

And maybe you like it or you put it out yourself, but I have to tell you…it bothers me even though I know the thought behind is well-meant and supposed to be a compliment of sorts.

It says…..



This scares me.

First of all…a major premise of my faith is that God CAN be everywhere. To me, this is a very important, necessary and comforting part about the fact that HE IS GOD!

Second…well..help me….

I AM a mother.

And I love our family with the kind of ferocity that has made me do slightly insane things. I understand “mother bear”. I get what it means to say you would walk through fire for someone. I am full-on into this mother thing…the sacrifice, the labor (literally and figuratively), the love, the joy, the agony of defeat….

But if I am God’s backup plan …. we are all in a big heap of trouble.

I wear out. I get mad.

I can love selfishly. I don’t have the whole “my own board removed from my eye, before I help you with that splinter” thing conquered. There are times when I haven’t got my own oxygen mask on so that I can assist children who are with me.

Quite frankly, I often call these people I love so dearly by the WRONG name….

I am fully human.


Not to mention the fact that from the moment our children entered the doors of their first 2 day a week preschool…it didn’t matter how much I loved them. I simply was not allowed to perch on a chair next to them for those 2 1/2 hours…that grew into half days….that grew into full days…that grew into …. grown ups that live off in their own homes and lives, daily removed from their mother….

So let me tell you straight up.

I can’t be everywhere.

And I am so glad that God IS God…and He is with them, each of them, every moment…

and also with us two birds back here at the nest….<3




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  1. This so true! Thank you for putting it into words in your journal today! There are days I feel life gets tougher as we get older. Have a great day, Laura!

    1. Each day, each year; I realize how much more I depend on God. Which is a good thing! =0)

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