A story in pictures…

Sometimes this thing just writes itself.

Which is very good at the end of what has turned out to be a kind of long week for me.

So as you enjoy the following photo journal from yesterday’s outing…please take time to notice the expressions on the faces of all three characters in the story….and just imagine the facial expression on the character behind the camera…..



We visited the zoo yesterday because they got a new tiger, and well…hello…that’s big news.

But on the way to that, we went through the Aviary exhibit and they looked so cute, I asked if we could take a picture….



Emmett is not the best at full on shots, so they will say like…”Hey Emmett! Does Lola have a monkey on her head??” It wasn’t working very well…

But then Graham got creative and started calling out, “Lola! There’s a bird behind you!!”

Wow! Good one Graham….it’s working…the monkey thing must be getting old because Emmett is really turned to camera now….

IMG_1568Ok Graham…we got him to look…you can stop with the bird behind Lola thing….



Oh….apparently it wasn’t a gimmick to try and get Emmett to look at the camera…no…I was indeed being stalked by a bird….

It’s ok…it all ended well…Graham defended me completely from imaginary monkeys and real life bird threats.

Between fits of laughter we got Graham calmed down. Emmett obviously was unconcerned….

and we all lived to love another day.



Have a blessed weekend as you smile and laugh through this zoo of a life <3


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  1. LOVE all those faces…and let’s be honest, the people behind the faces too:) You will always have blog material with Graham around!

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