Spring in the Desert….Guest post by Leslie Kent <3

With this week’s focus on dealing with the impact of Alzheimer, I asked my dear friend Leslie Kent to share some thoughts. Leslie was one of my support people back in my day, and now she is walking the journey with her own sweet mother. 

Like me, Leslie had a divine interruption a number of  years ago and spent several months helping close out her parents home in North Carolina to move them back here to Decatur.

She provided loving support for her father as he slowly lost his beloved wife to this disease.

Now Leslie, with the help of her husband and adult children, continue providing for Sarah’s needs and advocating for her.

I know you will be blessed by her thoughts and photographs…and as a reminder…please remember to enter a comment or share the post to win two free tickets to the Alzheimer Lasagna dinner fundraise…details below <3



photo credit Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent

what is it about this season?

The landscapes, front porch decorations…

PC/Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent

pumpkins, leaves that have changed their look . . . the beauty sometimes leaves me in awe.

My mother always said spring was her favorite season, but one would never know it by the autumn hues of our home. She decorated with olive greens, crisp oranges, along with a touch of gold and deep burgundy. She liked Autumn colors.

PC/Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent

Mom has always been a private person.

Perhaps that’s because she was child number thirteen, with only number fourteen coming along behind her as the family caboose. There’s not a lot of privacy with that many under one roof.

She rarely wanted to call attention to herself. A corsage was never allowed on her dress. Too many would notice it.

Yet, she was always the first to offer assistance to anyone in need. She thought more of others than herself.

Our family enjoys October. We celebrate Mom’s birthday. A celebration in her honor often brought some consternation to her face. The attention was sometimes too much. She would truthfully say, “Please skip the moment. October 30th is just like any other day of the year.”

PC/Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent

My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s a cruel ailment that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Some call it the long good-bye.

I have come to despise the diagnosis and its ongoing implications.

Although Mom knows she is an October 30th baby, she no longer has any idea of how many pages have turned through a year’s calendar.

She no longer knows the day of the week let alone the month of the year.

PC/Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent

We had cupcakes, gifts, and framed photos of her new great grands all set for her on Sunday night.

The facility where she lives set aside a family room where we gathered to celebrate. It was a birthday party.

We walked through the door, bearing our festive ‘stuff.’ A panicked look flashed through Mom’s eyes. I saw it. I knew it. She motioned me to come to her side and quietly stated, “I’ll write a check.”

I was taken aback until the panicked look of her eyes made contact with my heart. It made sense. She thought the party was for her granddaughter, affectionately known as Jacq. Mom didn’t have a gift to bring.

photo provided by Leslie Kent
photo provided by Leslie Kent

Although the celebration was for her, she gave me a gift.

I was reminded of how she lived.

You see, Mom always lived her life to bless others, to make their situations more bearable, to lend a hand, to feed, to clothe, shelter . . . anyone, any setting.

Without fanfare, the birthday party was no different from her life despite the confusion of a memory-depleting disease.

Mom’s first reaction, automatic and dependable, was to make some someone’s else’s life better. She assumed Jacq was having a party. She needed to assist and contribute.

I spent the next day experiencing joy as a grandmother with my ‘daughter-in-love’ helping care for our brand new twin baby grandsons.

I looked out the window into the young couple’s garden.

An event was in play – out of season.

The unseasonably warm weather of the fall morning brought a surprising spring color to the autumn scene…

PC/Leslie Kent
PC/Leslie Kent


A beautiful, pink rose was blooming.

I think it should be called Mom’s Rose of Spring – a gift of thinking more highly of others.

Many thanks to Leslie and her labor of love to share thoughts with us <3 


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Bless you all <3

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  1. Laura, my link to you is Leslie Kent. We were childhood friends, sang in the choir together, the smiling ones, us two; and when she and Wayne married, I was blessed to be her Matron of Honor. Her family loved me like a daughter and sister. I am blessed to know her, as anyone who has ever met her is blessed. God bless you for allowing her to share her story.

    1. Thank you <3 I have been blessed to know Leslie for only 21 years, but I am thankful each day for her friendship. She is truly the most consistently kind person I have ever met. Our families became friends as well as the blessing of having her husband to be not only our friend but our pastor. It is a joy to see them triple blessed with grandbabies this past year...and yet, I know the heartache that attends this wonderful season as they minister to her mother and grieve the loss of her father. You are a good friend to her. God bless you <3

  2. Beautifully written from your heart, Leslie. As I write this with tears in my eyes, your heartfelt words reminded me of my parents. It was so emotionally difficult to communicate with each of them in the final years of their life journeys. (Her first Thanksgiving in the nursing home, my sweet mother told me she would bring the pies. Pies were (one of ) her specialties.). I love the photos you included. God Bless you and your family.

  3. again…… love you all so very much. I can never thank God enough for leading Ken and I to FCC.

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