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Tell the ones you love

IMG_2472Last week was a rough one in our community.

One of those where every other text or conversation was news of unexpected, and to us, too-soon deaths.

It rocked us, and drew us to the Rock and to each other.

It made us remember to hug our friends, and tell them how much they mean to us.

It made us warn loved ones to be careful, and knocked down some of our tendency to take our moments together for granted.IMG_0046

It reminded us how fragile life here is, and to take time to say we love you.

It made us so grateful for those traveling companions God has blessed us with along the journey..IMG_3111

So here we are on Monday…

Let’s not forget as we start the grind of another week to take the time to celebrate the moments…IMG_2643


Have friends over…even if it’s not Pinterest worthy…IMG_2506

Thank God for the people who help you laugh, even when life stinks…IMG_2535

Meet together often to talk…IMG_2295 - Version 2

and to grow….IMG_3346

and to hug…IMG_2869


As we stop to count your ….IMG_3554….let’s remember to tell people how much they mean to us.

YOU are a blessing to me…whoever you are…you, who have taken some time out of your day to stop by and hear what’s on my heart. YOU, who encourage me with your kind words and cover me and those I love with ¬†your prayers. YOU, who I may or may not even see on a regular basis…You know who you are….and …




Blessing …. to me <3

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  1. Thanks for the fitting reminder! Praying for all who lost loved ones these past few weeks!

  2. and YOU are a blessing to me!!!! Thinking of you this week and praying it is awesome!!!Thank you for those words<3

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