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There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

IMG_9596Russ and I are headed home today and the weather has taken a decided down-turn from the prediction from a few days ago…

because we were counting on it being around 40 and instead they are talking about…


But that’s ok.

Cause it’s home.

It’s where our people are and where life is lived out.

So we eagerly are packing up suitcases and praying the snow doesn’t keep us from making connections and getting to have Chick Fil A with ….




and if we have to shovel snow…

IMG_5592bring it on. Cause that’s just part of the Midwest and home and it’s worth every scoop to be there.

I promise I will have a deeper thought for tomorrow…and I am sure some kind of goofy thing is sure to happen between now and then…but keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we ….

journey onward toward home <3

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