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This and that….because I’ve lost a day

So how is that three day weekend going for you now that it’s Tuesday?

Me too.

I am not sure we could have packed more of all that life holds into the past three days, but here are some highlights in no particular order…and as random as random can get….

Just do your best to follow along….


We crashed the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in time for breakfast with these characters…


followed shortly by a snack…


the  zoo….


and lunch…


a working lunch for some…


Shared some good food with a variety of friends as well as dear-to-our-heart family <3

Attended a beautiful service at our church and listened to Eastview’s service later in the day…if you are in need of some encouragement as a parent OR as a child…check out www.eastviewchurch.net “Building with the Lord” by Charlie Wilke May 24, 2015.

Found new reasons to thank God for His work…seen and unseen…over and over.

Was blessed by all the sweet tributes to those who have fought for our freedom throughout the generations.

Much to be thankful for, much to commit to prayer, much to treasure in the heart, much to lay down…and in all, we see the hand of God…so….


Let’s go forward into a new season…in faith that the God that brought us this far will carry us onward <3


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