Three Randoms for a Wednesday <3



While our Caroline is definitely a twin of her brother Emmett, there are some similarities I see when I look at her as if I am looking in a mirror dialed back 59 years. 

Her eyes, the blonde pig tails and the way you can’t leave her alone for a millisecond without her getting into something are evoking the exasperated voice of my mom who gave birth to me at aged 39 and I either kept her young or gave her gray hair or both. 

As I am researching methods for deterring rabbits from finishing off the new butterfly garden I started last week, I read about moth balls which brought to mind one of my mom’s favorite stories to tell about why she was half crazy and yes, gray haired under her blonde hairdo. 

The story goes that my dad had put moth balls out in the garden area and my 2 year old self was found playing with them. They were scattered hither and yon, my hands and face smelled like them (of course because the entire neighborhood probably smelled of them and good grief, what child would even want to be near one of those, let alone touch several of them???) 

According to the never-varying retelling of the event, she threatened me with all her artillery to ascertain if I had actually eaten one…to which I apparently just stared steadfastly into her panicked eyes and would not fess up or deny. 

So there was a trip to the base hospital and who knows what else happened and if I did, or if I didn’t…I lived to hear and then retell the story multiple times. And when our girl calls to tell us Caroline’s latest story…I do have to smile just a tad inside….



I think I can probably stop saying how I can’t believe it is June, because … gulp…it’s almost over. 

Summer snuck up on us because the usual sigh of relief that school is over and we can have more time at home kind of got upstaged by Covid house arrest. 

All the things we usually do when our days are free have been done except in cooler temps and now the summer stuff we thought we would do is canceled and in the midst of all of it our state is launching another new phase of reentry.

Head’s up to the powers that be…a lot of the state is a few laps ahead of you on that…so I’m not sure what we will be legally adding to our repertoire, but I am guessing whatever it is I will still be donning a mask for a good portion of it. 

And I think about how many times I hear and say how sick and tired I am of this. Then I remind myself that history books are full of people who endured much greater hardships and sacrifices and major inconveniences. I can also look around the country and the world and recognize that a whole lot of people deal with a whole lot more frustration than I am right now and I usually end up telling myself to buck up and quit whining. 

It usually works for a while. 



I am putting together in my head some ideas for July posts.

We will definitely have our VBS this year and I have some fun stories to share about summer memories. 

I also am trying to put some ideas down for “How to Journal”…and wondering if you and I were sitting down together, what would you ask me about this discipline….

Please feel free to email, comment (I won’t post on blog) or send me a message on Facebook <3


So there you go. 

Wednesday randoms…and time to go fix lunch for the rest of the staff here at the office. 

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