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Turns out he was a he….

It’s called labor for a reason…and this girl


has put in over 5 days working hard at it.

As time neared…we got reinforcements from Tia…


who got a kick out of feeling the baby move


we had face time with Uncle John…


Help from this gal…


and on Monday morning this sweet family….


welcomed their new baby boy….Joel Timothy….to the family…

and Papi and I ….


have fallen in love….all over again

So for Joel…life should be a piece of cake…IMG_6876


cause what could possibly happen when you have two older brothers watching over you…..



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  1. 3 grandsons!! ( or do you have more than 3, not sure) we had 5 girls before we finally got a boy. Our baby is 15,will be 16 in April. We do have a foster great grandson that is 1yr old. Aren’t grands awesome!!!

    1. Oh my!!! You have a wonderful legacy — all those grandchildren! We are very thankful for the 3 boys for sure!!! Thank you <3

    1. Thank you Susan <3 He is so sweet and all doing well...busy busy household days ahead!!!! =0)

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