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When I grow up….

Ok – so I LOVED the email responses I got on yesterday’s post. Wow…I feel so NOT alone in the foot-in-mouth syndrome!!!

Thursday I spent the day with these delights….

Can not take credit for this pic! Rachel took it
Can not take credit for this pic! Rachel took it

And I needed to run an errand so since the little one was napping and mommy had things to do, I took this one…. IMG_2432 And thankfully, his parents have him believing that the “ride” is just to climb up in the thing and turn the wheel….saves us beaucoup bucks!

As we drove, he chattered away about a zillion things. He told me about how he says good night to Emmy and the whole procedure involved.

And then he said…Lola (only it comes out Woe-wah, which is Waaaaaay cuter), when you grow up into a little girl, I will tuck you in and hug you and kiss you and pray for you and tell you night-night and then I will sing you a song.


What will you sing to me? I asked….

And from the back seat I heard the longest lullaby that consisted of the repetition of Good night little Lola in several cascading tunes…..

And boy, oh boy, I can’t WAIT til I grow up to be a little girl…..


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    1. yes…we are working on it. Maybe someday we will find common ground and begin to enjoy one another’s company…..<3

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