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Where are you, Christmas?

Right now…it’s appears to be in many large green tubs in the closet under the stairs….but we know better…it’s in our hearts! Tomorrow I will share my various “To do list methods” for not panicking….in the mean time…..

Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving? Us to!!!

Some highlights….. we traveled to Kansas City…

IMG_3245to have Thanksgiving with this guy…


And while it has always been my dream to be that house where everyone gathers every year for the holidays and Hallmark makes movies about how warm our family gatherings are, there is something to be said for …..


Thanksgiving buffets and….


Kansas City BBQ (and you have to know our eldest referred to me as “Cindy Lou Who” in her comment on this pic her dad sent to them….)

We also met some celebrities….

IMG_3660Then we drove north to celebrate Mom’s 90th!!!




It was different to not be at home, or in someone’s home for Thanksgiving…but it was full of unexpected surprises and delights…IMG_3634

And now…I am opening my heart to how God wants us to celebrate Christmas <3



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