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Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Wishing you a sincerely happy and sweet day of hearts.

Consider this your Valentine from me…like I picked out one of those perforated little cards just for you and put it in one of those thin white envelopes with barely enough glue to stick it shut.

Imagine I wrote your name on it and taped a heart lollipop to it and stuck it in the construction paper envelope you decorated on Monday and taped to your desk.

I hope your smiling remembering simpler times when we did those things <3

And I hope your day is full of all kinds of little surprises that remind you how much you are loved.

Remember today …

Love is…

Patient and kind

Not jealous….never envies

It doesn’t boast or act proudly

It is not haughty or selfish or rude

Love never demands its own way

It is not irritable or touchy

It doesn’t hold grudges

It hardly even notices when others do it wrong

It is never happy about an injustice but…

it rejoices when the truth wins out

If you love someone you will be loyal to that one no matter the cost.

You will always believe in him or her…

always expect the best of him or her…

always stand your ground defending him or her.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.   based on The Living Bible

Something to shoot for isn’t it?

God bless you all…hugs all around and may the Lord help us to love each other well <3


Just checking in <3

We are currently….

That’s right.

Russ had a work thing and I got to tag along.

It has been restful…

for me anyway.

Which is why I never showed up yesterday because I ended up walking outside a lot and napping inside a lot.

I did have lunch and true to my animal magnetism I had a visitor ….

Who apparently thinks “SHOOOOO!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” means “Hey little fella…wanna come sit right beside me while I eat?”

So later today I am going to take him for a walk around the premises….

Sure hope nothing happens to him.

Other than that we are missing home…

and our people.

Hope you have a blessed Tuesday <3


Because it’s Thursday…and some insider info <3

So this is page one of my brain…oh my gosh…can you only imagine?

I am jotting things down and brainstorming as we move forward and since it’s Thursday, which if you have been visiting for a while you know…is my day to connect with an email list that superseded this website gig…you all are getting the same message they are.

The good news is…I have today wide open to get some thoughts down so tomorrow…I promise…we will explore the plunder we talked about on Tuesday…

but for today…

here is what I have for you <3

As I continue in my daily read through of the Bible for 2018, I have been making notes in my journal of things that jump out at me.

I have done annual read-throughs before and yet I always find fresh insights and notice things that I missed.

I also make new connections in my understanding and application.

This year I am using the Chronological Bible which throws me off because the passages are sometimes out of order….which ratchets up my OCD tendencies to an uncomfortable level but that is for another day.

On Monday I was reading about the instructions for the construction of the Tent of Meeting and as I read through the directions for weaving cherubim and pomegranates and all manner of intricate details into the curtains I had some kind of weird flashback to our days with StoryTeller Theater and one of the most creative people I have ever met…our director/designer/artist/leader Sue.

Sue would take a well known children’s story from a book or a movie and design sets and costumes and a script and then audition a bunch of kids from elementary through eight grade and come up with the most amazing results.

Our Sarah loved the stage early on and so of course wanted to try out every year and consistently got a part.


Because the way we moved from all the sketches and ideas and drawings to the actual production was through the blood, sweat and tears of us parents.

The first year Sarah was involved we received a form to fill out with basic information and any skills we had.

I checked the box for “sewing”.

With several years of middle and high school Home Ec classes, plus a mom who was a seamstress and a good teacher, I could read a pattern and put a garment together with a fair amount of skill.

Oh…I had no idea.

Sue would hand me a pile of scraps and old sweatshirts and previous costumes, hunks of fake fur and a drawing… a DRAWING…of some animal I was to create out of said materials. If I did have any kind of a pattern, it was simply so that I could gauge how to fashion some critter’s ear or nose out of what I had been given.

And if I got one finished, I was handed another.

By the time the curtain went up on opening night, my sewing room looked like several animals had blown up in the middle of it.

I do remember vividly though, sitting in the audience of the Civic Center and seeing some kid prance across the stage in something that my hand had stitched together and marveling that God had enabled me to pull it off…because, surely indeed, I had prayed my way through every seam.

I was simply not equipped to do what Sue was convinced I could accomplish.

But God.

And that is the amazing thing about the Exodus story.

The Israelites were former slaves in Egypt, living in tents in the wilderness and God gives Moses these incredibly detailed instructions about hammering out gold and designing beautiful curtains of embroidered fabric, creating an intricate wardrobe for the priests that included setting gemstones into a breastplate and fashioning almond flowers (I googled them..very delicate) into lamp stands…seriously…

and how did they do it?

“See, the LORD has chosen Bezalel…and has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts – to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver, and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood and to engage in all kinds of artistic craftsmanship.” Exodus 35:30

God also gave him some helpers and he filled them with the holy spirit so they could not only do but also TEACH others how to do these things.

Has God called you to a task that you think you are just not qualified to do?

He will…HE WILL …. equip you with what you need.

We often look at others and think they are gifted and we are not but each of us, who have surrendered our life to Christ, are given gifts that enable us to do things that would be impossible without Him.

I pray today for a fresh awareness in each of us to be grateful for the equipping we receive through His Spirit and a confidence to face the tasks ahead knowing with God, we are able.

Have a blessed day!

Timing is everything

So when I ended Friday with the idea that I would be starting a series this week, I totally blanked that we had planned a sleepover party for the two older kiddos since no school on Monday.

Papi got the wild idea to get a hotel with access to a pool and burn off some winter house-bound energy.

And while these two were the main event for the sleepover part…

We let in a few party crashers for dinner…


and product testing all the appliances and electronics in the room….

Now I am huddled on the edge of a bed that is being taken up by as much acreage as any six year old can possibly commandeer by spreading his legs, arms and stuffed animals out in an odd array of angles and I can hear deep breathing from Papi and some snores from Emmett a few feet away.

So the series is getting a slow start but a promise is a promise so grab your bible and start reading 1 Samuel 16 because there comes a time in every story of healing when God breaks through the funk and says…

How long are you going to grieve?

It happened for Samuel the prophet after a time of mourning over choices Saul made that left Samuel with soul baggage.

It is one thing when we have to live with the consequences of our own poor choices and regrets….quite another when someone else makes the mess that we are left to move on from.

That’s the kind of healing I want to look at in the next few days…as soon as I catch a few hours of sleep because if these yahoo’s wake up as early here as they do at home, Papi and I are sure to make the 6:00 start of the free breakfast down in the lobby…so for now….I bid you rest and peace and we will (hopefully….) launch into more of this topic on Tuesday.

Oh….and in the meantime…this happened tonight….

Graham wanted to read to me from his Bible and he asked if he could write in it.

I told him probably not but he pointed out that his mommy writes in her bible.

I explained she makes notes….

he explained that was his plan….

like mother…like daughter…like mother…like son….

you may have trouble reading his note so let me help….

“Jesus didn’t retaliate”


No, He didn’t.

Thank you Graham….perfect start to the series <3


The Yogurt Fiasco

It is a gray and rainy Thursday here and as I wrote the date in my journal, I gasped to think we are nearly halfway through January!

I am still slowly moving trim into storage and negotiating daily with the local disposal company about picking up our tree from the curb. I may need legal counsel and possibly a therapist before it is all over.

I seem to have inherited a short fuse when it comes to dealing with the marketplace and while I fight desperately to bring it all under the authority of God…my genetics and wiring often win the day.

Take for example our stop at Sam’s Club last Saturday.

We needed a few things and of course the sample ladies were out in force.

One of them offered us some Vanilla Greek Yogurt from one of those 40 oz containers. It was delicious. Over her head was a sign proclaiming the regular price of $4.98 was, for a limited time only, being discounted two dollars.

Sign. me. up.

I had just purchased a mondo case of individual greek yogurts, but since the expiration date for this deal of a lifetime was in February, I pulled one out of the case directly under an identical sign that showed the same offer.

Fast forward to Mr. Reimer and me in the self-checkout lane as I scanned our items and noted on the screen that I was only given a dollar off of this impulse purchase.

I asked the young attendant and thus began a process that I will try to briefly summarize although it surely lasted a small eternity.

She got on some walkie-talkie and tried to locate another associate in the refrigeration section whilst a fellow employee happened along pushing a cart of cardboard boxes.

He interjected that the sale was actually on a different packaging size of the yogurt and the lady who was serving samples must have grabbed the wrong container.

It was at this point that all the Lochner/Ploch genes in me kicked into gear and I simultaneously formed my mouth into the firmest straight line possible, spit out my affirmation that the sign was clearly over the 40 oz tub containers and swiped my credit card finishing the sale.

I took my receipt and the clerk’s apology with righteous indignation and then managed to rehash the entire incident for a good portion of what was left of the day to my poor husband who doesn’t even like yogurt.

Truth is – I was right. I actually went back on Monday and the same sign is still up over the same containers of yogurt. The clerks were wrong. But so was I.

I sometimes struggle with the mental and spiritual question….What would Jesus do?…in my daily life.

And frankly, I don’t think he would have had a Sam’s Club membership so it gets murky.

However, I think I could have handled the whole situation better …. this will come back on me, you know, because my husband does read this….but I could have made a couple of different choices like going back myself and looking at the sign, or saying nothing and just pay the $3.98 and move on.

Or I could have done the thing I may have repeated numerous times to my husband I wish I had done…which would have been to just politely say that I would prefer to have it removed from the bill and leave it there.

Because that would have been my honest and genuine way to react.

I had only purchased it based on the advertised price and if that was false, than I was not under obligation to purchase it.

But the key here is …. POLITELY….and that is where I struggle when I feel I am being treated unfairly.

So since I can’t muster polite, I tend to get all snippy and cranky and I’m left with yogurt I didn’t need and a bad attitude that my poor husband had to endure.

And it does cause me pause to wonder how I would handle REAL persecution if I ever faced it.

Ah well….I have not a conclusion for this except to remind me and you that we are works in progress.

We are plunked down in a community and jobs and families and a world where left to our own natural devices we can endure pain and be someone else’s pain.

What a blessed to relief to know that we don’t navigate this alone. We have One who has gone before us and was tempted in every way we are, and yet was without sin…and now advocates for you and for me as we….journey onward <3