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So I can’t think of a clever title for this one….and I want to get to those grandsons….=0)

I can’t believe it is Thursday already!

The weeks fly by, but seem to have a kind of flow don’t they? We have certain tasks, meetings, chores and routines that set the tone for our lives.

One of those is home maintenance. Life is just messy, or at least the way we live our life seems to call for regular cleanup. Some things are done on a weekly basis and some just really have to be done every day.

A few years ago I noticed that the inside of our conventional toothbrush holder looked like a pretty good entry for a Science Fair. I tried washing in the dishwasher and soaking with scary chemicals, but it still seemed like a potential health hazard.

I went to Target and found a replacement that I thought would solve our problems: a beautiful burnished brass pedestal resting on a smokey brown glass base. Perfect. As I placed our tooth brushes in this new, clean, wide open space, I thought we would be good to go.


However, much to my chagrin the toothbrushes still drip cloudy, cavity fighting goo after they do what toothbrushes were meant to do.

Thus one of my housekeeping tasks has become rinsing out the base each morning before I head out for the day. Some days I am in a hurry and don’t rinse that tooth brush holder out. But because it is clear and open, my negligence can not be hidden, and it doesn’t take long before I am running it under the water again to return it to its beautiful appearance.

It is a simple reminder of our salvation and sanctification. (Tell me you did not see this coming….)

We come to Christ and get baptized and we basically trade in our yucky disgusting sin-filled selves for a new creation.

But we live in a fallen world…and we can add to that, our own sweet selves that just have and accumulate….. junk…let’s face it. However; when we commit to walk with Christ, we say we are done hiding all of this.

Each day we need to start fresh….checking for any stuff we have picked up that is going to mar the beauty of what we have become.

The study of His Word, prayer, confession, and repentance are ways we continue to cooperate with His work in cleaning up our act.

Our lives should also be so transparent that the gunk of life will be easy to spot.

As you and I are diligent in bringing our hearts before the Lord for inspection each day, He promises to transform us more and more to look like His Son. And as a bonus, it’s a little harder to think too highly of yourself when you know just exactly what you looked like when you met with Him to start the day!

So to paraphrase Matthew 7:3….Make sure you get the scum cleaned off of your fancy pedestal toothbrush holder before you head out and start trying to help somebody else get the gunk out of theirs.

God bless you all! You are loved!!!

How grief can sneak up on you…


The racks of Mother’s Day cards that popped up even while we were still preparing for Easter caught me off guard.

This year there really is no mom to buy a card for.

I remember the first May after my own mom passed.

With 5 months of healing under our belts, I wasn’t prepared for the empty feeling when the displays of pink flowered cards started appearing.

It is an odd feeling to not have your mom somewhere in the world. And there are so many who have known this feeling at much younger ages than I did.

To be honest, sometimes my relationship with my mom was not easy. But the last few years with her were a gift of healing from the Lord.

So as I see the Mother’s Day cards this year, with fresh grief from having just lost Russ’s mom, I am keenly aware of others who are experiencing that sense of loss in fresh ways this year.

I am also aware that sometimes the mother/child connection is not all that we would hope it to be. Maybe it never was and you feel a sense of being left out of the whole experience. Maybe your relationship with your mother  has changed because age has taken away the woman you knew, she is still here….but gone…

If you have a wonderful mom and this is a sweet day every year for you, God bless you <3

If not….

I pray that God will comfort you in your sorrow and help you find ways to express your appreciation for the love and support of others in your life. I pray for healing and restoration in the relationships that still have time on earth. I pray for tenderness of heart and for the flow of mercy and forgiveness in every broken heart.

Grief may come in waves; may God’s grace carry you over each one.



When God does this…


So when I prayed on Sunday about writing Monday’s post and I kept thinking about that little index card on our pantry door…and I debated if I was really hearing from Him…can you imagine…this morning…when I open Our Daily Bread to Tuesday April 28th…and the focus Scripture and writing are centered on Jesus calming the storm???

Because that is how He works.

And I am forever and always freshly amazed when He lays something on my heart and then I run into it somewhere else, affirming that what He has taught me is something He has taught someone else.

Oh! I hope this happens to you all. I hope you see these kinds of things the world might call coincidence.

I hope you pray and ask Him a question and a car drives by with an answer on the license plate.

I hope that when your heart is crying out and you turn the radio on, the lyrics of a song are EXACTLY what you needed to hear.

I hope that when you pour your prayers out in your journal and later in the day one of your siblings in Christ prays with you; they end up using the same phrasings you wrote on tear-stained pages.

I hope, and more than that, I pray with all my heart this morning that you know without a doubt that He loves you and He is intimately and lovingly involved in every detail of your life.

I hope you are caught by surprise by His personal touch today.

This is my prayer for you, each and every one of you…and for each and every person you hold so dearly in your heart. That you KNOW in tangible ways His power in your life settings.

Be blessed and encouraged today.

You ARE loved by the Father.

And all that matters to YOU – matters greatly to Him <3

Prayer for the storms…


It just seems like a good day to share something I wrote many years ago. For a very long time I kept it on the fridge as a daily reminder. But in a cleanup in January it got moved to the inside pantry door, where at just the right times I see it and am reminded….

When the waves are crashing and the sea is wild with fury. When the little boat of my life is tossed and threatened by the storm and I look for Jesus and see Him sleeping; I pray that I will remember to just lay down next to Him. If that is His posture in the midst of the violent storms, I want to be like Him. Who am I to think He needs to be notified? I will rest in Him.

May God bless you with the peace of His presence in the midst of the turmoils and storms of life <3

Face Time


I was running some errands today when my cell phone rang with a call from Rachel.

Let me say up front that I feel pretty blessed to have a car that picks up my phone calls. Kudos to my husband because if we depended on my income….well….I would be talking to  people through two soup cans connected by string…(if you are under 40, google it…)

I answered and I was greeted with Graham’s voice….”Hey Lola, can we face time?”

Well of course.

So I told him to wait a minute, pulled off into the parking lot of a doctor’s office next to the highway and sat in a stifling hot car face timing with those two cuties while their mom fixed their lunch.

Errands were put on hold, a spot was found and I was a captive audience. Win win for everyone….and honestly there wasn’t any serious issues resolved or brilliant discoveries made.

We sent hugs and kisses, we laughed, we marveled over whatever objects were nearby that he and Emmett could hold up for me to look at, because I am really good at making a big to do over nothing.

But I can’t always pull off the road or take the time, much as I would like to.

However, we have a heavenly Father who is ALWAYS ready for face time with us.

He is never too busy.

He is never inconvenienced or thrown off schedule.

He is never thinking our conversation is silly or unimportant.

We are assured in Scripture that we have open access to His throne…His throne of GRACE and MERCY…24/7.

I urge you to take Him at His Word.

With childlike faith…call out to Him….

Talk to Him while you wait for your lunch.

Show Him what is on your heart.

Or just sit in His Presence.

Take time to Face Time with your Father… will do you a world of good <3

Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know <3      Jeremiah 3:33