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Because it’s Friday…


I spent yesterday remembering what it is like to be at home with three small children and how totally exhausting it can be when they tag team you on naps…

and the power is off so the laundry sits in murky water and the crock pot is useless.

How helpful 2 year olds are…


and sometimes the only way a four year old can be at peace is ….


How babies don’t come with velcro so you have to hold them in just the right way which means you have to hold your body in the strangest positions to adapt to whatever is going on in their little tummies to help keep the milk INSIDE them…

and so on this Friday I just want to shout out to all you young parents out there and say…


Hang in there…it may seem like today is lasting an ever-loving eternity, but believe it or not..

some day you will wish for just an hour or two with your little one on your lap…or eavesdropping on the chatter going on back in those car seats…

but just an hour or two…which is why grandparenting ….


is a pretty sweet gig.

God bless you this weekend with whatever lights up your world…I pray you have abundant joy in the midst of your ordinary life and that your heart will be filled with the knowledge of your Father’s love for you through His Son Jesus Christ.

Is it nap time yet?

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  1. The days are long, but the years are short when you are parenting! They will learn this, won’t they?

    1. Yes ma’am…I remember very well a very gray haired older man…like in his 80’s telling me that in the grocery store one particularly trying day. It was so poignant the way he said it, it hit home and stuck with me through many a hard, long day…I was so thankful for his wisdom to remind me how quickly time would pass <3

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