Indulge me, please. I’m having a moment <3

Yesterday was the last day I will wake the two little ones to go pick up their brother from Kindergarten.

I fueled them up with some serious carbs because we had to be at the school by 4:40 for the big spring musical extravaganza production of…Go Fish!

It was, as you would imagine, a delight to watch 60 plus 5 year olds in various homemade fish costumes sing and yawn and wiggle and do hand motions through a series of songs and corny jokes around an ocean theme.

No pics…sorry…I just soaked in every single minute of the whole thing…

when I wasn’t helping keep Emmett from falling through the auditorium chairs or apologizing to the man in front of me when Joel kept patting his back…

ahhh…the memories.

Afterwards, all four grandparents were invited to join the family for ice cream.

In the innocence and lack of self-consciousness that is still tenderly possessed by our little man…

he proudly wore his fish hat for the whole party.

And I made it a point to mark this in my heart.

As a mom I didn’t realize how fleeting these stages of childhood really are.

Like our Rachel, I was busy pinning stuffed shark fins to a t-shirt while trying to clean a pacifier with my spit and hold the middle one off from grabbing my camera.

But as a grandparent…I understand the moments better.

I understand that it is sacred worship to just sit and watch.

To entrust how much I will miss his carefree lack of self-consciousness and exuberant displays of affection into the hands of the Father who loves him and will guide him from this stage into the next.

I know he will most likely one day laugh at how precious we thought he was with ice cream all over his cute mug….

I know I won’t be able to scoop him up in my arms much longer.

I know the days and years that are ahead will move him into an adult and he will forget so much of these days that are my best days ever <3

I thank God for the circle of love that surrounds him and I pray for him to somehow find a way to embrace his inner fish-hat self…

that he will not ever grow so old that he forgets the joy of just being who he was created to be….

Loved by His Father….loved by us <3




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  1. So sweet. I feel the same way about mine! Watched Rachael’s choir sing The Star Spangled Banner at the high school baseball game last night. You can imagine how that tugged at my heart. Thanks. You say these things so nicely.

    1. Thank you…that encouraged me, right there Miss Susan <3
      God bless you and your tender heart every single day.

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