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Love is…kind <3


Political Correctness made a grand entrance into our elementary school the year our daughter was in second grade. In a knee jerk reaction to avoid offending anyone with what might be considered religious aspects of certain traditional celebrations, the principal outlawed all seasonal holiday parties.

Isn’t it odd how offensive not offending can be?

A G-rated Oktoberfest replaced the annual Halloween dress up day. December brought snowflakes and an evergreen tree that was designated to hold mitten donations for needy families. It was clearly stated that the tree was not to be confused with a Christmas tree, as we would only be celebrating “Winter”….

By the time February rolled around, our Sarah had had quite enough.

She proceeded to make heart shaped cards for everyone in her class and shared with me her plan to take them in on the 14th.

Being a responsible parent, I explained how we have to respect authority.

And yes, under my breath, I may have muttered something about we do that even when they are being ridiculous….

I told her she could take them; but she would have to ask the teacher if she could pass them out and must comply with her decision on the matter. I guess I wanted our child to be able to follow through with what was on her heart without blatantly disregarding the rules.

When she came home that day, the backpack was void of Valentines.

In second grade language, she told me the teacher had asked her why she had brought Valentines to school when the principal had said there would be no class holiday parties. She said she just told her, “I brought Valentines to give everyone because it is kind.”

With that the teacher gave her permission to pass out her cards, including delivering the one she had made for the principal.

We transferred to a different school the following year, so I don’t know if the party ban was canceled or upheld. I do know that she was right.

I remember hoping I would “grow up” to be like her some day…

We should never pass up an opportunity to show kindness. We should never let popular opinion, peer pressure or our own insecurities keep us from doing what is right.

There is just a lot of meanness in the world these days, and while random acts of kindness can sometimes be weird and awkward for everyone involved; we can all definitely smile more, be more gracious and considerate, and hey….send a card or two to let the people we love know we care about them.

God bless you this Valentines Day as you choose to love others <3

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  1. This is so perfect! In the elementary area this month, we are learning about Kindness. I hope you don’t mind but I want to share this little story with all my small group leaders to help encourage them! Love your blog (and you) 🙂

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