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The Hole Truth


Those who know and love me well know that I have a thing about my hair. Our children will testify that I will grab the hat off of a child’s head to cover my own hair on a water ride. They have been known to hoist their own coat over my head as they call out, “Save Mom’s hair!!” 

From my husband down to the youngest, each one knows that true love includes alerting me to the fact that I have a “hole in my hair.”

In Reimer-speak that means that somehow the wind, humidity or 40 winks I just caught on the couch or riding shot gun in the passenger seat of our car has created a space in my hair where my scalp is now exposed.

I have often explained to those who might think I do not have the thin, fine hair that I indeed do have that with product and time and utensils, I create the illusion of hair. But anyone who has seen me after a bike ride (helmet nightmare) or first thing in the morning or a day on the beach or after a humid windy day will concur. I have zilch hair. 

I also sometimes have a hole in my spirit. 

Places where the barest parts of me are dangerously exposed to the elements.

 Even I am not aware of how desperately I attempt to cover these until one of my people who love me well offers a kindness I didn’t even know I needed. 

This morning I shared a frustrated disappointment in myself to Russ in passing.

He didn’t try to fix it. 

He just offered a kind word from his own perspective about me and then he encouraged me to keep up the efforts I have been exerting to become better and eventually I will see the results I am hoping for. 

It made all the difference to my day. 

I had been defeated. 

His words changed my trajectory to see that I am making progress. Slow, perhaps unnoticeable, but definite; progress toward a goal that matters to me. 

Today you and I will most likely run into people with holes in their hair, jeans, mittens…and hearts. 

Let’s be gentle and careful with our words. 

I speak to myself as much as anyone. 

Blessings friends. 

You are deeply loved <3


If you made it this far…that pic at the top was one of the most stunning episodes of bed head I have ever mustered up. I sent that pic to the kids and they responded with the following pictures…I love our family. They are just the right kind of crazy <3

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    1. We are in good company and blessed to have others to do life journey with <3 God is good and sends us help through friends and family just when we need it <3

    1. Laughing and thinking always make a great combo – you are right on the mark with that observation <3

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