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Happy Birthday to….

Thirty years ago today Russ and I were at St Mary’s, having arrived around 3 am. We had NO idea how many more hours would pass…but worth it …. totally worth it….



I am not quite sure where the 30 years went…they actually seem to have gone by faster than the 16 hours it took to bring her into the world…

So I thought, since my heart is kind of full this morning I would just give you 10 of the reasons I love her so very much….

1. She is hilarious. Her texts about various encounters with the public (re: “Thanks mom for the psychotherapist to the world genes”), her family, life in general…

2. She is tender hearted

3. She loves generationally….

IMG_0117 IMG_0119

4. She is smart and creative

5. She was and is a good big sister….

IMG_2515 IMG_0389

6. She is intentional in dressing her children in the clothing gifts of people she is going to see – intentional in showing in a tangible way appreciation for any gifts received

7. She loves the Lord and desires with her whole heart to honor and serve Him with her life

8. She is a wonderful, loving, humble, giving, teaching, caring mommy….

IMG_1287 IMG_1282

and wife….




9. She goes to great effort to make opportunities happen to celebrate all the big and small events of life to make all of us feel loved….


10. She gives me good advice…like to park my car in the same spot every time I go in the mall so I don’t get lost and call her for emotional backup while I wander around various exits looking for the car…even tho she wouldn’t mind a bit talking me through it again if it happened….

Happy Birthday Dachel….we love you so much <3


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